The Power of Awe

Posted: June 23, 2016 in change management, counseling

By Rabbi Akiva Feinstein

Imagine standing at the rim of the Grand Canyon, with a majestic purple-and-orange sunset blazing across the western sky.  You stand transfixed.  Looking up at the awesome expanse of stars, you are transformed, and lifted up in a sense of “awe.”  Awe is an experience so powerful that it is paralyzing.  At the same time, we know awe to be exhilarating, in that it makes us consciously aware of a power infinitely greater than ourselves.

Looking up at a blanket of stars, we see power, beauty, and harmony.  We realize that each tiny star is actually a raging furnace.  In the face of such tremendous force, we feel insignificant by comparison.  We realize our own weakness, our smallness and our mortality.

Yet the conscious realization of our smallness doesn’t depress us; it inspires us!  Why?  Because the experience merges us with the greater whole of which we intuitively know we are a part.  It assures us at our deepest level that we are not alone.  The sense of awe can be a source of tremendous positive healing energy, because it makes us aware of our essential contentedness with all of creation.

This is excerpt from Living at God’s Speed, Healing in God’s Time written by Charles W. Sidoti with Rabbi Akiva Feinstein

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