Living at God’s Speed, Healing in God’s Time

A book by Charles W. Sidoti, BCC

An excerpt: No one likes to wait.  We often find it difficult to accept, and yet so much of our life’s journey seems to involve waiting for God to reveal the hidden meaning behind the changes that take place in our lives.  It is important to realize that not all waiting is the same.  Waiting on God is not like waiting for a red light to turn green, where nothing really changes except the color of the light.  As we wait on the Lord, there are significant and purposeful things occurring behind the scenes.  These “things”  are God’s work taking place within the changes that occur in our lives.  The reason you and I have to wait is because God’s work is accomplished and revealed to us in the daily unfolding of our lives, slowly and over time.


This is the perfect book to read during Advent and great gift idea for someone that you care about.  In, Living at God’s Speed, Healing in God’s Timeyou will find insights that can help you to face the times in which you are forced to wait out a situation, and do so with hope in your heart.  It is my prayer in writing this book that it help you to see the time that you spend waiting on the Lord as a time that is full of promise – God’s promise.

Read the Introduction, Table of Contents and a Sample Chapter on the Twenty-Third Publications website:

Buy it on Amazon:


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