By Charles W. Sidoti, BCC

The ability to hope is a fundamental aspect of being human. One of the most important truths I’ve learned as a hospital chaplain caring for terminally ill patients is that “hope changes.” For example, at the beginning of the disease process we may hope for a cure and our returning to the former activity of our lives. As the disease progresses we may hope to be well enough to see a wedding, a birth, a graduation. Toward the end of the disease process we may find ourselves hoping for a peaceful death, a peaceful transition, perhaps the healing of relationships prior to death, either for ourselves or for a loved one. It is the nature of hope that it will always require us to wait while our life unfolds.

No one likes to wait. We often find it difficult to accept, and yet so much of our life’s journey seems to involve waiting for God to reveal the hidden meaning behind the changes that take place in our lives. It is important to realize that not all waiting is the same. Waiting on God is not like waiting for a red light to turn green, where nothing really changes except the color of the light. As we wait on the Lord, there are significant and purposeful things occurring behind the scenes. These “things” are God’s work taking place within the changes that occur in our lives. The reason you and I have to wait is because God’s work is accomplished and revealed to us in the daily unfolding of our lives, slowly and over time. A major part of my work as a chaplain is to help people to wait in hope, and to walk with them as their hope changes.


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