If we can remain open in the midst of our inner struggle, the struggle itself can help us to change our mind about what life is about, and to take our proper place in the universe.

By Charles W. Sidoti, BCC

Learning to become a more relaxed and easygoing in life is a wonderful thing. However, if I hold on too tightly to what I think needs to happen before I can be happy, I find myself in a power struggle with the universe. This power struggle makes it impossible to live a harmonious, peaceful life. Unless something changes, this is how I live. If I were God, if I had ultimate control, there would be no conflict, but I’m not, I don’t, and there is.

The conflict, however, can be a good, even necessary, element in our personal growth. If we remain open to what the conflict has to teach us, our inner conflict can lead to a new awareness ow who we are and who God is. On the other hand, it can cause us to harden our hearts and close our minds. I often ask myself, “Do I really want peace…or is it that I simply ‘want what I want’?”

Nineteenth-century American author and poet Oliver Wendell Holmes made an important point when he said, “The great act of faith is when we finally decide we are not God.” This quote captivated me because this is exactly where our conflict needs to lead us. I believe this statement is the hinge on which real transformation, and therefore real inner healing, rests. While none of us consciously thinks of himself or herself as being “God,” our attempts to control life, manipulate people or situations, and the thousand other ways we try to force life to go the way we think it should, suggest that at a deep level we believe in our own God-like importance.

The good news is that the more hard-headed and persistent we are in behaving as though we were God, the more frustrated and tired we are likely to become. This can lead us to give up trying to be what we are not, and to finally surrender to the fact that we are not God, and become aware of God’s presence in a new way.

If we can remain open in the midst of our inner struggle, the struggle itself can help us to change our mind about what life is about, and to take our proper place in the universe. Our personal inner conflict can lead us to experience a radical revision and transformation of our whole mental process. It can help us to live with authentic humility.

Prayer:  Loving God, Creator of the universe, help me to know you as my creator and to respond with trust, accepting my proper place as part of your creation. Help me to let go of the things that are not my responsibility, those things that are not within my power to control, and help me to entrust them to you with confidence. Amen.


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  1. emptynestman says:

    Well said. Curating this.

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